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KLA, Inc.  provides corporate representation to companies in various industries, including technology, finance, banking, retail, manufacturing, and services. Our corporate practice is designed to meet the complex legal needs of clients in an efficient and effective manner by providing practical and relevant legal advice.


KLA, Inc. represents companies with respect to all aspects of their business. These companies range from small start-ups, for which we handle the initial organizational matters, to large corporations for which we handle complex transactions. Recognizing that our clients' corporate issues involve nearly every aspect of their business, we also provide services involving litigation, real estate, and creditors’ rights in order to provide a balanced and thorough approach to our clients’ needs.


Our firm can skillfully represent your business in a wide variety of matters such as:

  • Corporate Start-ups
  • Business formation, whether it be Corporations, LLC’s, or Partnerships
    • Incorporating your business is a great way to protect your personal assets from company liabilities such as creditors or lawsuits. In fact, many people incorporate for this reason alone. But that's not the only advantage.   The corporate business structure also saves you money in taxes, provides greater business flexibility and makes it easier to seek outside investment. 
  • Limited Partnerships
    • The limited partnership, or LP, has become an increasingly popular choice for business owners, especially those involved in real estate or other investment ventures. 
    • Unlike general partnerships, LPs can limit the liability and the involvement of certain partners. This is useful for attracting investment partners who'd like to participate in the profits of the business but not necessarily its risks or daily operations
  • DBA’s
    • DBA is an abbreviation for "doing business as." Registering a DBA is required if you plan to operate your business under a name that differs from your company's legal name.
    • With a DBA you can legally open a bank account and conduct other transactions using your trade name. This is a critical first step toward building name recognition for your business.
  • Corporate Governance
    • Annual Minutes
    • Appointing New Directors
    • Election of Officers
    • Transferring Shares/Securities

Other Services Include: 

  • Amendments to Corporate Documents
  • Drafting Corporate Bylaws and Resolutions
  • Drafting Certificates of Good Standing
  • Requesting EIN [Employer Identification Number]
  • Drafting Operating Agreemtns
  • Requestion S-Corp Election
  • Applying for Seller's Permits
  • Requesting State Tax ID
  • Applying for Business Licenses 
  • Contract Negotiations
    • Drafting Contracts
    • Reviewing Contracts
    • Revising Contracts
  • Drafting Partnership Agreements and Dissolutions
    • A general partnership is similar to doing business as a sole proprietor, except you have partners to share the losses and gains. You do not have the same liability protection as a corporation or LLC, but it is a fast and simple way to get a business started.
  • Negotiation and Creation of Commercial Lease Agreements
  • Employment Agreements
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Dissolving Corporations 



A corporation is a separate and distinct legal entity formed under state law, and is owned by shareholders. A corporation is managed by a board of directors, who are responsible for making major business decisions and overseeing the general affairs of the corporation. Today, corporations have become the standard for many business entities, especially for those looking to take on investors. Some of the advantages to forming a corporation are as follows.

  • Shareholders (owners) are not typically held liable for the debts of the corporation
  • Can help you reduce your taxes
  • Can choose to be taxed as an S-Corporation (income is passed through to owners/Shareholders) or can elect to be taxed as a C-Corporation to take advantage of lower income tax brackets through income shifting
  • Can provide corporate retirement and medical plans
  • Easier to raise capital through the sale of stock in the corporation

KLA, Inc. can form your corporation promplty and easily.  And remember, the fees spent toward incorporating are tax-deductible!




KLA, Inc. can assist you in drafting a plethora of Business and Business-Related Documents:

  • Amendment of Agreement
  • Arbitration agreements
  • Assignment of Agreement
  • Breach of Contract Notices
  • Business Plans
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Employee Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Extensions of Agreement
  • Certification of Cease and Desist
  • Domain Name Cease and Desist Letter
  • Equipment Lease Agreements
  • Extension of agreement
  • Final Invoice
  • General Agreement
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Amendments
  • Late Payment Collection Letter
  • Letter of Intent for Business Transaction
  • Letter of Resignation
  • Mutual Receission of Contract and Release
  • Notice of Dissolution of Partnership (Debtors and Creditors)
  • Partnership Dissolution Agreement
  • Product Supply Agreement
  • Purchase Receipt
  • Returned Check Notice
  • Termination of Agreement and Release
  • Bills of Sale
  • Affidavits
  • Promissory Notes
  • Service Agreements
  • Corporate Minutes
  • Annual Reports
  • Initial Reports
  • Joint Venture Agreement
    • Joint ventures are a strategic alliance between two or more companies which create a new commercial entity. They do so by contributing business resources. The companies involved in a joint venture share the revenues and expenses as well as the control of their new enterprise.
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Registered Agent Services



KLA, Inc. can assist you in skillfully drafting Partnership Agreements

  • A general partnership is similar to doing business as a sole proprietor, except you have partners to share the losses and gains. You do not have the same liability protection as a corporation or LLC, but it is a fast and simple way to get a business started.