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Real Estate

Note: Ms. Khanjian is also a Real Estate Broker, licensed by the California Department of Real Estate.

KLA, Inc. represents clients in real estate disputes involving the following:

  • Boundary issues and encroachments
  • Writs and receivers
  • Breach of contract for purchase of real estate
  • Condominium Litigation
  • Commercial and residential landlord/tenant disputes
  • Real estate broker malpractice
  • Construction defects and developer liability
  • Contractor liability proceedings
  • Easement and scope of easement disputes
  • Title Insurance
  • Eminent domain and inverse condemnation
  • Third-party escrows
  • Quiet title and declaratory adjudication of title disputes
  • Bonds and surety law
  • Forcible detainer, trespass, ejectment
  • Claims relating to mold, mildew and mycotoxins
  • Land subsidence and damage to real property
  • Judicial and non-judicial foreclosure
  • Landlord / Tenant disputes, including exposure to toxic materials and other habitability matters


  • Real estate transactions often represent a substantial investment on the part of buyers and purchasers. Careful legal advice during a real estate transaction may help protect you against future financial and legal liability and avoid future legal headaches. When disputes do arise and cannot be resolved through mediation, settlement or arbitration, litigation may be necessary.


Administrative Hearings

Landlord Tenant

  • Landlords and tenants often run into trouble when they take action without first understanding their rights and obligations. Landlords cannot evict someone, turn off utilities, or enter an apartment without first following proper procedures for doing so under the law. Just as tenants cannot withhold rent, change the locks on their apartment door, or ignore their rental agreement simply because their landlord fails to repair broken appliances, refund a security deposit, or open community recreational facilities.

At KLA, Inc., we advise and represent both landlords and tenants in cases involving evictions, rent payment, habitability, lease enforcement and other disputes involving rental property.


KLA, Inc. can also assist you with drafting the following documents:

  • Amendment of Agreement
  • Assignment of Commercial Lease
  • Assignment of Residential Lease
  • Commercial Rent Applications
  • Extension of Agreements
  • Landlord Consent to Assignment
  • Landlord Consent to Sublease
  • Landlord's Letter Returning Security Deposit
  • Lead Warning and Disclosure Statement
  • Notice to Pay Rent or Quit
  • Property Management Agreement
  • Residential Rent Application
  • Termination of Lease